Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

 "Hey! Wait for me!"

 En route to the patch.

 Such a fun tradition we began last year - strawberry picking!
Click HERE to see last year's picking.

 The crop was bountiful.

 We were lucky Farmer Wohletz didn't weigh Julietta before we went to the patch

 and then after we left the patch.

 Julietta might have sampled one or two {hundred} strawberries!

 Jack thought the picking was good.

 Derek kept saying "ooh - look at this one.  ooh look at this one.  ooh look at this one . . ."


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cold Night at the Park

 After Kansas City we ran home

 got changed,

 and picked up Daddy and Julietta.

 Julietta was dressed for the ballpark after her big nap. {grin}
Isn't she just the cutest!!

 Liliana wanted to take some more photos.

 She took about 75.

 Then of course, I took some photos.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day at the Nelson

 One rainy Friday we decided to head to the Nelson.

 Ella, Liliana, and Jack were into it. {Get it?!}

 Glad school is out for the year

 they couldn't help but

 jump for joy


 and over


 Liliana was almost kicked out for taunting the guard. {grin}
 (It's art btw)

 Art imitates life.
Or life imitates art?

 Ella and Liliana made these images of me and Jack.

 After the Nelson we headed to the Plaza for dinner

and dessert at PF Changs before heading back to Lawrence for Jack's big baseball game.