Monday, August 8, 2011

Rat Race

 work, work, work . . . 

it's all a part of the rat race! We're trying to catch up a take a minute to post, but there's just no time for that with all the publishing, celebrating, practicing, dancing, singing, spiking, kicking, goal keeping, popcorn selling, sash wearing, candle blowing, gardening, studying, picnicing, and party planning we've been doing. I promise - more photos soon. {grin} ♥



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Small Style


whispering secrets

sharing stories

silly giggles

sweet surprises

 innocent curiosity

 these are the moments that fill our days together

Friday, August 5, 2011

After a Hard Day's Work

"NO! SCJack - wike dis . . . derrrr . . . nicshe . . ."
{translation: no, Jack, like this, there, niiiiiiiice!}

Jack was getting ready for his first modeling shoot and Julietta thought he needed a little training.

She showed him how it was done.
 and then he was ready to get his model on!


 After his lesson, Jack got down to business and flexed his fancy model muscles.

 Gosh he's cute!

 Julietta wanted a go at it too.

 So, she slapped on a pair of skinny jeans and some pretty ballet flats and got her pose on!

 I think she's ready for NYC fashion week!


After a hard day's work, all the kiddies were super sleepy.


I found the big girls like this. All wrapped up in each other in Ella's teeny twin bed.

Their summer feet calloused from play, soft in love.

 And, of course, Julietta and her dolly, Suzy, slept in our bed before moving to the couch.

I love sleeping babies.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Style Me Famous

I added a bit to my load this summer and took on a new job. {You know besides raising four children and molding our next generation of great thinkers at the University of Kansas.} I signed on as style editor at Lawrence Kids Magazine. Pretty fancy, huh?
The magazine is set to come out any day now. You can look at the entire magazine HERE. But this is the part I did . . .

I chose models (yes, I might have used the four cuties I had handy). I put together thirty outfits from bows to toes - that means hats, ties, wristbands, tees, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, clips, headbands, bracelets, jeans, shoes, belts, jeggings, dolls, jackets, pants, bloomers, coats, necklaces, backpacks . . . you get the idea. Then, I set up the photos for a professional photographer to shoot. Hence, the title style editor - I completely styled the entire "scene" - I decided location, was responsible for all the props, and set up everything before the shoots were scheduled. 
{Look how stinking cute happy! Julietta looks in the photo above!}

And here are the results. The kids were I think the coolest shoot was 100 degrees or something ridiculous like that and the children never complained. I might have complained a little.  They were wearing layers and standing in the sun and just did great!
 (Yep, that's my Jack - the cover model, and in every shoot!)

Can you find all four of our blog stars in this shoot?

This theme is "backyard football." Instead of shirts versus skins, it's ties versus bow ties. Clever, right? I know! haha.  
I used construction paper and an old paint stick to make a sign in the shape of a neck tie and painted the rest.  I borrowed the old truck from a local mechanic who just asked if I could drive stick and tossed me the keys. I was so nervous driving it that I got a terrible stomach ache on the way to the shoot. It was really hot, the truck did not have a/c, the brakes were shady, the speedometer did not work, there was no power steering, and no seat belts! Yikes. But, I think the result was worth the pain. {grin} I even took a shot or two that was featured here.

The handmade headbands and dolls for the tea party were sent from all over the world. I was nervous Julietta might shy away from modeling without her sissies but she did wonderfully. Oooh, I just want to squeeze her in these photos! It was about a hundred degrees and these little girlies couldn't have been sweeter. And, I felt really effective because many of the models' parents actually purchased their outfits after the shoot! If you see anything you love click HERE and you can scroll to the last page of the magazine to find the where to buy age. I never thought shopping would wear me out, but this job gave me a run for my money.
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