Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just in case

you're looking for something to feel good about today. 
Click HERE - read the post and watch the video.
You'll feel different after you do.

Serious Business

After removing all this . . .

Julietta got serious about playing pink ball hockey with her Care Bear hockey stick and awesome brother.
{shout out to awesome Auntie Nicole for the care bear hockey stick - no really, thanks}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steee - RIKE!

Ella's coach called her the most improved player of the year. He said his favorite play was when she caught a fly ball at third base for an important out.

She continues to get better with each new pitch.

Super fan dad has never missed a game.

Liliana is a serious ball player. Her coach said she is the most consistent on the team. She consistently throws strikes as pitcher, makes big plays on first, and when she isn't hitting balls hard, Liliana has learned to never strike out by not swinging.

Julietta is a serious spectator.

Sometimes the game is so intense Julietta can't look.

Liliana at first :: about to make one of those big plays.

Liliana pitching :: consistently throwing steee-rikes!

And that's a wrap! The girls did a great job. They had a lot of fun and their team took second place in the league!

Dusty Fields

While Jack got loose,

and Daddy threw home run pitches,

Julietta found a sandy place to lick her tootsie pop.

Then she came to cheer

for her {and my} favorite boy in the world

as he scored {another} run for the Angels.

A Day Away

Julietta got a Daddy day and the big kids and I took a field trip.
We went to the {free} movie at the Legends Theater.

Went shopping for new sunglasses for Mommy.

Then we headed to the water park.

{I had fun making the children stop and pose for a photo before going back in the water after a sunscreen reapply session}

Yay for field trips!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Days

Sometimes when it's too hot to play outside we stay inside {almost} all day.
We build

and create.

We put together puzzles

and do art.

These are our {lazy} summer days.

Wake Up!

When Julietta wakes up she yells either "MOM!" or "DAAAA."
And I go get her and say "who is it? Julietta, did you wake up?!"
Julietta cracks up {almost} every time.


Softball season was hot, hot, HOT!

We weren't the only ones who were dealing with sweltering heat - I've spent so much time driving, driving, and driving that these images make me smile ~ my view :: the parking lot.

Liliana had a great season. She was a remarkable first baseman and came in as pitcher in every game.  She threw a lot of strikes!