Sunday, July 31, 2011


Guess who had a birthday?

I'll give you a hint . . . he's 33.
Yay! You guessed it - Derek turned 33!!
We celebrated at home with cake and gifts after Derek played in a golf tournament.
Julietta ate strawberry shortcake but wanted nothing to do with photos - silly girl!

Thanks Gene and Mary!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Dare You

 Not to smile when you see these . . .

Forget the terrible twos!

Sure, Julietta has her moments but these are what we see most often from our dear two year old.

 She dances,

 and laughs, 

 and squeals with glee

 in the most ordinary of moments making those fleeting seconds extraordinary!

 And that's why with each new birthday candle lit I keep saying - noooo!

 This is my favorite age!

 I love that my girl can prance through a sprinkler in britches covered with images of candy

 all wet and giggly,

 making the rest of us want to join her brand of a wet tee contest.

 Forget the terrible twos!

 For me,

 it's the terrific twos!

The delicious, girly, giggly, talkative, squeezy, wonderful, terrific twos.

Hey You With the Pretty Face!

I'm sure glad you're part of the human race!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So by now you know all about Ella and Liliana's sweet endeavor - Cupcakes for Kiddos, right?

The Royals heard too and congratulated the girls for their good works by awarding them the Buck O'Neil Legacy Seat at Kaufman Stadium on July 27!

Buck O'Neil's legacy is one of kindness and generosity. Derek and I are so pleased that our children are paving the way to follow in Buck's footsteps.

We arrived thirty minutes before the first pitch so the Royals could film a clip to play both on air and at the stadium during the game.

It was hot, but Ella and Liliana felt too cool to realize.

The clip was filmed and we were ready to enjoy a great {hot} game!

There they are on the jumbotron!!

Of course, the rest of us got to enjoy the perks of their good deeds as well.

Julietta "the sweet tooth" Annabelle loved all the sweet treats.

She's a lucky little miss to have such good big sissies to guide her,

and share with her.

And, I am confident Julietta will always be their biggest fan.

{That thought makes me want to clap as well.}

Jack isn't half bad either! He is the best big brother!

We had great seats just a few rows behind home plate.

We sat right next to the scouts {see those guys behind E and L?!}

And the cherry on top . . . the Royals won on a stolen run! Yay for the home team!

And yay for Ella and Liliana and their Cupcakes for Kiddos!

I couldn't resist posting  a pic of the ride home. Hot and tired boys and girls are pretty cute.