Friday, August 5, 2011

After a Hard Day's Work

"NO! SCJack - wike dis . . . derrrr . . . nicshe . . ."
{translation: no, Jack, like this, there, niiiiiiiice!}

Jack was getting ready for his first modeling shoot and Julietta thought he needed a little training.

She showed him how it was done.
 and then he was ready to get his model on!


 After his lesson, Jack got down to business and flexed his fancy model muscles.

 Gosh he's cute!

 Julietta wanted a go at it too.

 So, she slapped on a pair of skinny jeans and some pretty ballet flats and got her pose on!

 I think she's ready for NYC fashion week!


After a hard day's work, all the kiddies were super sleepy.


I found the big girls like this. All wrapped up in each other in Ella's teeny twin bed.

Their summer feet calloused from play, soft in love.

 And, of course, Julietta and her dolly, Suzy, slept in our bed before moving to the couch.

I love sleeping babies.

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