Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darling Ballerinas - Dance Gala 2012

Ella, Liliana, and Julietta had their annual dance recital on May 19. We had lots going on that day so I did not get a lot of photos, but I did manage to take videos! This was Ella and Liliana's TENTH! dance recital. Their first time on stage was May 2003. I was five months pregnant with Jack and they were almost 2.5. 

This year was Julietta's first recital. She is about 10 months older than Ella and Liliana were at their first recital in Missoula, Montana. Julietta did not get to see any of the dances before her 10 am performance and I think she got a little stage fright, but it was oh. so. cute. to watch her! After she danced she watched the other dancers and was enamored and absolutely in love. She sat on the edge of her seat and clapped and clapped after each performance. In the video, Julietta is the dancer on the far left with the pink tutu and big bow. I am so proud of my girls!!

I typically enjoy ballet the most. The tutus and long extensions make me swoon! But, I was in love with E and L's funky dance. I've watched Ella and Liliana's little hip hop routine a dozen times because it makes me so happy. In the first video Ella and Liliana are in the blue dresses in the center. In the second video Ella is in the center wearing jeans and Liliana is in shorts and high tops (They got to choose their "costumes" which represented their personal style. They had such a good time on stage. I got very teary eyed in the auditorium watching them shine and each time I watch the video I feel the same way. Click play to watch the videos. You can also make the videos full screen by selecting the option on the bottom of each video.

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