Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hollywood, Hawaii, and Home

At the end of the week Miles took me to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood.

Our first stop was the J. Paul Getty Museum. It was amazing!
The views were almost as spectacular as the artwork.

And of course, the California weather made the whole day deliciously lovely.

After the Getty we made our way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We stopped at the famous Kodak Theatre.
Here's proof I was there. {grin}

Miles found some of his favorite star's stars.

Do you know what time it is?!

After the Walk, we hunted for a great view of the Hollywood sign.

Miles and his iPhone are genius navigators.  I was sure he was getting us lost on the endless maze of one way hilly windy roads and it would be dark before we ever found the sign, but Miles magically worked his way up the West Hollywood Hills and found a dam with a *perfect* view.
Then he checked facebook. {wink}
Miles is such a good brother.  He even played along with my silly photo attempts!

We had a very happy day.

As the sun set we made our way to Beverly Hills for dinner and desert.

I can't remember now where we ate dinner but we had dessert at The Blvd in the famed Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Rodeo Drive.

I couldn't resist snapping some photos of the beautiful lobby.
I was too shy to pull out the camera at dessert. I really should have but Miles and I weren't really dressed for the occasion and I felt a little awkward. *sigh.
On our way back to the car I saw this window display.  Someday, when I don't have muddy feet, sticky fingered, sippy cup, hand-wiping-on-my-furniture stinkers running around . . .
Anyway, I love it.

I left Saturday morning at 5 am or some ridiculously early hour.  I snapped this photo on my way out of Miles' apartment.  It makes me smile because it epitomizes the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. I  think of Miles as my baby brother - silly, goofy, and sweet.  He's still the cowboy who wrote me an email when I went away to college that said "Hi Tasha. This is Miles. I am nine years old." But, I am constantly amazed at the man he has become - incredibly smart, thoughtful, poignant, and caring.
I didn't have too much time to reminisce. Miles' apartment is only about five minutes from the Santa Barbara airport and we left about fifteen minutes before my flight was supposed to leave. When I got to the airport they notified me that the flight was set to leave five minutes early - and that their computer wasn't working to check me in.  A quick security check and the computer's cooperation and they sent me out the door onto the tarmac to catch my plane.  The man at the door told me the plane was on the right. There was no plane to the right and only one on the left so I boarded that plane.
As soon as I was seated the plane was off.
I was confident that I was on the right flight because it was the only plane. But then we went over the Pacific and my heart began to beat fast.  We headed further and further west and I thought to myself "did I just board the wrong plane? Am I headed to Hawaii? Can I get arrested for this? Oooh maybe I'll get to spend a week in Hawaii too."
I guess the pilot just wanted a great view of the sunrise.

Because as soon as the sun rose, he turned the airplane and we headed up the Pacific Highway.
It was a lovely way to start the day - even if I didn't get a trip to Hawaii out of the deal.
See the Pacific Highway?  That's the road Miles and I took the day before to Los Angeles.
Over Nevada.

And Colorado - and then home.
Thanks for the amazing vacation Miles and Derek!!

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