Monday, January 3, 2011

Ten Years! Ten Years?!?

 Ella and Liliana turned ten years old on January 3, 2011.

 The voice in my head is screaming: "Did I just write that right!?"

 Yep, I did - they turned TEN!  As in Ella and Liliana are a decade old.  They are older than the maximum presidential term.  They are closer to driving age than diaper age.  Ella and Liliana are half way to being twenty years old. *sigh.

 There are so many things I love about my big little ten year-olds, but I thought I'd mark the occasion with ten of my favorites.

Liliana, I love your competitive spirit.  It is such fun to watch you compete on the basketball court, softball field, and volleyball court.  Daddy and I laugh when your teachers tell us that you work as fast as you can to ensure that you are the first one done even if no one else knows that you are racing. I love that you like to end on a high note - like always making sure that you make the last basket before coming inside. And, I love that you love to read - even when I have to tell you to turn off your light and go to sleep again and again.  I admire the way you refuse to give up, always do your best, and smile when you see a challenge.  You make me proud because you are always the first to offer to help no matter who needs it, you dream big dreams, and that you talk to God like He's a trusted friend.  It makes me smile when {even after a challenging sister day} I find you tangled up, nose to nose, sleeping with your twin sister and best friend in Ella's tiny twin bed.

Ella, I love that you love Barbies, American Girl Dolls, jewelry, make-up, and all things girl.  I love the way you reminisce about your happy memories and like to talk about Grandpa Texas, past birthdays, and favorite memories. I love the way you dream about the big moments to come and talk about the ways you'll incorporate the important people in your life on your wedding day, when your children arrive, and when you celebrate big days.  I admire your sweet nature, your graceful elegance, and your ability to see the good in everyone. You make me proud when you celebrate someone else's victory as if it were your own, are patient with your siblings when it would be easy to lose your cool, and always take care to praise God during happy times, call on God to help you through difficult times, and challenge yourself to be His hands and feet where you stand. It makes me smile when {even after a challenging sister day} I find you tangled up, nose to nose, sleeping with your twin sister and best friend in your tiny twin bed.
The girls had a great birthday. It was their first day back at school after Christmas break and they were the stars of the day.

Ella and Liliana came home to cake and gifts.
Of course we sang

and together they blew

out TEN big candles!
Julietta was impressed.
Then Ella and Liliana opened gifts.
They got lots and lots of goodies.

Happy Birthday my sweet girls.

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