Monday, July 4, 2011

The Rockets' Red Glare

On the Fourth we searched high and low

far and wide

for the best fireworks for our 

little miss and mr. independents

to blow up

in honor our great nation's anniversary of independence.

Then we loaded up and headed to a friend's {front} yard barbeque.

We ate

and blew up our rockets with some red glare.

It was a sight to see.

Similar to 1776, you think?

After the party we headed downtown where more wonderful friends had saved us an amazing spot in the park to watch the city's bombs burst in air.

After chatting, congratulating, ooh-ing and awe-ing, watching, giggling, and snuggling with sweet new baby Hadley at the twilight's last gleaming, we blew our party horns one. last. time. before going home to dream of our independence day.

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