Friday, July 15, 2011

A Typical Summer Day

What to do on a hot summer day in Kansas? Why manicures and pedicures of course!

 Julietta had her tiny fingers painted a pretty pink.
{Thanks sissy Liliana for the fun photos!}

 Little Miss is an old pro at this by now . . .

 Jack had some work done on his toes.

 When we were walking out Mr. Jack said "ahhh, my feet feel fresh and new!"

 Ella chose to have her toes painted for her pending date. 
{We'll get to that later}

 Silly Liliana acted as staff photographer and just relaxed with her feet in the tub.

 After prepping our phalanges, Julietta was exhausted. She laid down for a nap whilst Daddy worked and the big kids and I headed for some pool time at Schlitterbahn.

The only photo I took at the water park . . .

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