Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Dare You

 Not to smile when you see these . . .

Forget the terrible twos!

Sure, Julietta has her moments but these are what we see most often from our dear two year old.

 She dances,

 and laughs, 

 and squeals with glee

 in the most ordinary of moments making those fleeting seconds extraordinary!

 And that's why with each new birthday candle lit I keep saying - noooo!

 This is my favorite age!

 I love that my girl can prance through a sprinkler in britches covered with images of candy

 all wet and giggly,

 making the rest of us want to join her brand of a wet tee contest.

 Forget the terrible twos!

 For me,

 it's the terrific twos!

The delicious, girly, giggly, talkative, squeezy, wonderful, terrific twos.

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