Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Disguise

Oh what a Halloween we had! The Kansas weather cooperated and we had a beautiful Halloween week. We managed several costume parties before the big day and then a photo shoot the day after Halloween.  We still haven't gotten Julietta dressed up again, hopefully soon! From left to right, Ella is Miss America. Julietta is a *pink* fairy. Jack is a toy soldier. And, Liliana is Hermione.

Jack was a toy soldier of the variety you see above. He broke his gun and helmet days before Halloween, so we did our best with remains. {grin} His costume was almost entirely thrifted and then sprayed with four cans of green paint! Everything in our garage has a slight green film on it now.

After much moaning and groaning, Liliana decided to be Harry Potter's Hermione. 

 And Ella, Ella was Miss America. I wouldn't be surprised if we see her in a similar crown someday.



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