Saturday, October 6, 2012

Too Much

 For some this might be too much.  Too many pictures of a silly girl at breakfast? Never! Too much silly cuteness? Maybe. 

 I always want to remember the way my silly little sis grins at me while she munches. I want to look at those hyper color eyes whenever my heart desires.

 Someday she won't let me take photos of her with a bed head and messy peanut butter face.

 Someday she won't squeal with delight when I offer her a peanut butter banana sandwich for breakfast.

 Someday I won't get wide eyed innocence.

 I'll get glares and ignored. {That's ok, I know it's part of being a girl}

 For now, I'll savor milk mustaches,

 sweet glances,

 baby cheeks,

 and giggles with my girl.

 Because there's no such thing as too much cute.

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