Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Girls No More

I can't believe these are my little girls! Their gorgeousness is too much to handle. 
When I was pregnant with Ella and Liliana I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch. I helped set up and open the kids store where we bought their duds almost exactly 12 years ago. If this is what they look like when they are eleven, what are they going to look like when they're sixteen!?! {BTW, they do not use any makeup or hair products. We did not even remember to put on chap stick as we rushed out to try and catch what was left of the day's light}
When I have a chance, I will post a few of their individual portraits as well.

I'm linking up with Small Style today!
On Liliana (left)
Shirt: George via Walmart (her brother's )
Sweater: abercrombie kids
Jeans: abercrombie kids
Belt: Abercrombie (mine from college!)
Shoes: Gap

On Ella: Shirt: Old Navy (her brother's)
Cardigan: abercrombie kids
jeans: Levi
Shoes: Walmart

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