Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Night in Lawrence

A June evening for us means one thing lately - ball fields!
We have spent eight out of the last ten days at the ball park between Jack, Ella, and Liliana's schedules!!

The brothers and sisters play nearby --

throwing stones and catching frogs.

They always come back to the stands to cheer for their big sisters.

Jack made this photo of Mommy and Julietta.

The pitcher had a fan at the game. {Ella was at dance class}

Erika was cheering embarrassingly loud! {grin} Erika is a dear friend that I met as a freshman at the University of Kansas. She has known the girls all their lives. When they were babies they called Erika, Haircut. It stuck and we love when see our dear friend Hair Cut!
The game might be over but Liliana isn't done!

It's hot!  But we're pretty sure Julietta will stay hydrated.

Her water bag is as big as her!

Silly girl.

Ella - playing catch with pearls on.


That's my girl!

I'm rarely in the photos because I am always behind the lens. I thought I'd step out for a self portrait.

I love bellies!

Julietta loves balls!

Daddy loves Julietta.

After bath time I went outside to water the plants and found Jack's sidewalk art. Could he be any more boy?

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