Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cubs Fan at Kaufmann

While Miles was still in Kansas, Derek and I took the opportunity to grab a little one on one time with our favorite boy.
We took our number one Cubs fan to a game at the K.
It was about 600 degrees.
But, we didn't really notice because we were in the shade with our little man.

Grandpa SD heard we were going to go to the game and sprang for some great tickets - thanks Grandpa! {Click the photo to see the thank you on the ticket}

Jack caught some of the action on digital film.

He made some phone calls.

And, we all had a great day.

Here's to one on one time!

Jack was worn out once the game ended.

You know what they say - when the cat is away, the mice will play . . .

Our cute little mice made a cake for us while we were gone!

Look how proud they are.

Thanks Miles!

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