Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Baseball Game

 I know, I know - more baseball photos! This is our June - baseball, softball, baseball, softball, jump, swing, swim, baseball, softball, baseball, softball . . .

Julietta - aka "The Super Fan." Her super hero powers include leaping from bleacher to riser in a single bound, finding the dirtiest spot to play at every field, and never, ever, missing a ball game.

My view of my guys. I have been trying to capture more of these moments - I think of them as my "the view from here" shots.  I have sat and watched so many games, recitals, plays, and programs with my camera in hand. I often focus my lens on the faces or the feet and forget the big picture that I take for granted game after game after game. So, they seem a little boring now - these wide, "my view from here" photos - but in a month or a year or ten years, when this is all in the past, I know I will see these photos and be reminded of the hot summer sun, the silly girls in the stands, the boys on the field and think fondly of the time I spent cheering for my favorite little sluggers.

Nope - not a toothless hockey player - a baseball catcher!!

The handsome (sweaty) pitcher.

Miles made it to one of Jack's baseball games while he was in Kansas. He's a pretty amazing uncle.

After the game Miles took our whole family out for some Orange Leaf  - yum!

And of course, the gratuitous shot of a baby in a too big hat and  too big shoes. {grin}
Isn't she delicious.

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