Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day Four

 On Saturday, we headed to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. The zoo was about a mile from our apartment and was mostly down hill. After walking in a big circle (oops!) we found our way there.

 We planned to meet Elisa and tour the monuments later in the day so we whizzed through the zoo.

 In the rain forest room.

 Liliana and Jack playing like the bears (see the baby bears in the back right?) {grin}

 The butterfly farm.


 tigers, and we already saw the bears - oh my!

 After the zoo wonderful Elisa picked us up and drove us to the Lincoln Memorial. The army/navy football game was being played that day and it was a MAD HOUSE! The Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool was under construction, but we still enjoyed the afternoon so much.

 The entire day was perfectly Americana. We stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and in the shadow of the Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Memorial. We watched the {huge} moon rise of the Washington Monument from the lap of FDR at his memorial. I could almost hear MLK exclaim "I have a dream!" as we admired his new statue. It was pretty amazing to share that with my own children.

 {One to prove I was there - ha!}

 I wrote my Grandpa John a postcard from the Korean War Memorial letting him know I was thinking of him. The children and I discussed the veterans who served our country there and in Vietnam.

 As our fingers grazed across the names of fallen heroes at the Vietnam War Memorial, we listed the reasons we were thankful to live in the United States.

 We took a break from the national memorials to sit with Einstein for moment.

 Liliana tried to pick his brain - tee hee he.

 On our way to the Washington Monument we stopped at Constitution Gardens where there is a memorial in honor of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

 Ella and Liliana made a movie there.

 We snapped these at the WWII Memorial.

 After a stop at the Washington Memorial and, of course, the gift shop, we walked to the Jefferson Memorial.

 Elisa picked us up at the Jefferson Memorial. We were a tired bunch. I really think each day we walked at least 8-10 miles. We had a great time taking photos, laughing, and getting lost together on nearly every adventure. 

 Elisa gave us a ride to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. It was dark by then and the moon was huge. It was rising over the Washington Monument and was quite the site.

 In the bread line at FDR's Memorial.

 With one of my heroes - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Out last stop was the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. After picking up another postcard at the gift shop we went to Rodrigo and Elisa's apartment for dinner. They were amazingly gracious hosts. We had a fabulous day!

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