Friday, December 9, 2011

Day Three

 After taking care of the breakfast dishes and making lunch we were off for our third day of DC!

 In the lobby of our apartment building.

Off to the metro.

 We were excited to hang with the Obamas at the White House!

 The O's heard we were coming and bedecked the entire mansion! The Christmas decor was lovely.

 Mr. O took the photo - that's why he's not in it. {grin}

After some time with Beau, we walked to the Air and Space Museum - our favorite of them all.

 Jack fit right in with the Wright brothers.

 After a walk through the sculpture garden we headed to the Natural History Museum.

 Ahhh! It's after us!

 After dinner with friends we stood on line for some Georgetown Cupcakes! Elisa and Rodrigo were wonderful tour guides and hosts.


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